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Section V

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Team Schedule

Team Summary Statistics
Goals For:45Shots:338
Goals Against:20Assists:40

 Team: Pittsford MendonCoach: Mark Hurley
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 League: Monroe Overall Record:  13-3-7
  League Record: 5-2-3
 HomeTeam Visiting Team Location Game Summary League
  Pittsford Mendon Wayne McAvoy Park   Pittsford Mendon: 5 Wayne: 3 Non-League
  Pittsford Mendon Greece Arcadia McAvoy Park   Pittsford Mendon: 1 Greece Arcadia: 1 (Arcadia wins championship 5-4 in PKs)  Non-League
  West Irondequoit Pittsford Mendon West Irondequoit   West Irondequoit: 0 Pittsford Mendon: 1 Monroe 
  Brighton Pittsford Mendon Brighton   Brighton: 0 Pittsford Mendon: 0 Monroe 
  Pittsford Mendon Honeoye Falls Lima Pittsford Mendon   Pittsford Mendon: 4 Honeoye Falls Lima: 2 Monroe 
  Pittsford Mendon Pittsford Sutherland Spencerport   Pittsford Mendon: 1 Pittsford Sutherland: 1 (Mendon Advances 3-2)  Monroe 
  Spencerport Pittsford Mendon Spencerport   Spencerport: 3 Pittsford Mendon: 2 Non-League
  Canandaigua Pittsford Mendon Canandaigua   Canandaigua: 4 Pittsford Mendon: 2 Monroe 
  Honeoye Falls Lima Pittsford Mendon Honeoye Falls Lima   Honeoye Falls Lima: 0 Pittsford Mendon: 1 Monroe 
  Pittsford Mendon West Irondequoit Pittsford Mendon   Pittsford Mendon: 3 West Irondequoit: 0 Monroe 
  Pittsford Mendon Greece Athena Pittsford Mendon   Pittsford Mendon: 2 Greece Athena: 1 Non-League
  Penfield Pittsford Mendon Penfield   Penfield: 1 Pittsford Mendon: 1 Non-League
  Pittsford Mendon Brighton Pittsford Mendon   Pittsford Mendon: 0 Brighton: 1 Monroe 
  Pittsford Sutherland Pittsford Mendon Pittsford Sutherland   Pittsford Sutherland: 0 Pittsford Mendon: 1 Monroe 
  Liverpool Pittsford Mendon Liverpool   Liverpool: 0 Pittsford Mendon: 0 Non-League
  Pittsford Mendon Canandaigua Pittsford Mendon   Pittsford Mendon: 0 Canandaigua: 0 Monroe 
  Pittsford Mendon School of the Arts/NW Prep Pittsford Mendon - Class A 5 vs. 12   Pittsford Mendon: 8 School of the Arts/NW Prep: 0 Non-League
  Brighton Pittsford Mendon Brighton - Class A Quarter-Finals   Brighton: 1 Pittsford Mendon: 2 Non-League
  Greece Olympia Pittsford Mendon Spencerport - Class A Semi-Finals   Greece Olympia: 1 Pittsford Mendon: 6 Non-League
  Pittsford Sutherland Pittsford Mendon Spencerport - Class A Finals   Pittsford Sutherland: 1 Pittsford Mendon: 2 Non-League
  Pittsford Mendon East Aurora Eastridge HS - Class A NYS Western Regionals   Pittsford Mendon: 1 East Aurora: 0 Non-League
  Pittsford Mendon TBA Middletown   Pittsford Mendon: 2 TBA: 0 Non-League
  Pittsford Mendon TBA Pittsford Mendon   Pittsford Mendon: 0 TBA: 0 Non-League